DermaPeel Mandelic Acid Kit (30%)

Certified and Professional Use Mandelic Acid Peeling Set

General Details

Certified and Professional Use Mandelic Acid Peeling Set

Mandelic acids have much larger molecules than glycolic acids, providing a more superficial and gentle peeling effect. They are suitable for all skin types, including rosacea (rose disease). They are ideal chemical peelings for fine lines, acne-rosacea, pigmentation, and treatments. They have antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Although mandelic acids penetrate the skin less due to their large molecules, they provide a robust peeling effect due to their low pH values.

Esderma MD – DermaPeel Chemical Peel Set Contents

DermaPeel 30% Mandelic Acid Peeling Kit is a great set developed for professional clinics and salons and contains the following products;

  1. Pre-Peel Solution
  2. Mandelic Acid Peeling Solution (30% Free Acid Value, 2.5 pH)
  3. Neutralizer (Neutralizing Spray)
  4. Esderma MD After Care Anti-Irritation and Soothing Cream
  5. Esderma MD Ultra Sun Protect 50+ SPF Sunscreen

DermaPeel Chemical Peeling Sets are professional-grade products used in clinics and salons and are unsuitable for individual use. Below is general information about chemical peeling treatments applied in clinics and beauty salons and is unrelated to our products.

Who is Mandelic Acid Peeling Treatment for?

Mandelic Acid Peeling treatment is significantly ideal for a general brightness and quality increase on the skin, it can be used in the following subjects;

  • Anti-rosacea treatments,
  • Treatments against stubborn acne. It can help to control acne breakouts without needing drugs and irritating products.
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Dramatic improvement (as with glycolic acid treatments), but without the irritation or post-inflammatory pigmentation often seen with other AHA acids.
  • Treatments to remove pigmentation, brown spots and large freckles.
  • Treatment of mild to moderate acne (both comedonal and inflammatory).
  • Antibacterial anti-acne treatment that works by stopping the growth of acne-causing skin bacteria and keeping the pore follicles clean.
  • Treatment of skin pigmentation, including melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation – especially for those with darker skin types.
  • Alternative to hydroquinone due to its tyrosinase-inhibiting properties (by reducing melanin production).
Key Advantages
  • Provides silky softness to the skin,
  • Cleanses makeup materials,
  • Increases penetration of beneficial substances into the skin,
  • Promotes skin renewal,
  • Maintains sebum balance,
  • Increases moisture by retaining water under the skin.